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Hello and Welcome

Welcome to the home of Club Penguin Cheats. If there is any free item, new room, or anything out of the ordinary on Club Penguin, be sure as soon as I find out i'll post it!


How to get to the wilderness.

If you want to get to the wilderness press this link and login!

You can go as far as the last bit before you lose the connection!

As you can see in the picture you can still meet friends there if they have clicked the link aswell.


Cool Secret

Go to the coffee shop and click the this sign!

This is what happens

You can be American or British 🙂

What does this mean?

I  was looking for a friend so I pressed the “find” button and this is where she was?

What does that mean?

New Room – New Free Item

This is the free item a wooly snow hat!

Click to make bigger!

This is the picture of the New ROOM!

I have labeled all the important parts, the Member Room, Free Item, and the Catalogue!

This is the Catalogue of mountaineering gear,

but as far as I know there are not any hidden items!

New Room?


On the Whats New section they had this picture.

Billybob says its going to be big!


Its called Firesketch but it don’t mean anything to me!

Lots of people think its about a new room?